Wednesday, September 13, 2017

CNN Live HD - Huricane Irma Live Update!! Live Chat

Bigg Redd
TOP TEN ITEMS to leave behind..... during evacuation.
1 Ego 2 Jealousy 3 Hatred 4 Bigotry 5 Fear of losing items 6 Impusive tendencies 7 Indifference to GOD 8 Favorite items 9 Plans to do... 10 Any hatred for this beloved bittersweet and blessed country. God Bless the people of Florida , Texas and across our Great Nation. Our FAITH will be TESTED by the Trials placed before us. My heart cries out to all of you seeking change in our country.....We must come together SEE that Hurricanes can tear down everything...Dont destroy History's commemoratives. Look upon them, I say Meditate and confront them. Restore Robert E. Lee...keep Mark Twain around. We defeated them but now we defeat ourselves, with desire for change.
Bigg Redd
Gee Ready for U2 , confederate!
Bigg Redd stfu ya asshole
ABC news was saying last night it wouldn't go above cat 1 and seen parts been skelped with cat 6 American news is fucked
barry prince
bo ho poor pope has anm owie

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