Sunday, December 11, 2016

How To Remove Copyright Claim From WWE RAW Videos

Remove Copyright Claim From WWE RAW Videos Easily?

How To Monetize WWE RAW Videos Easily on YouTube?

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Everyone worried that WWE RAW videos get copyright Claim , and cannot remove it , because people Watch WWE Videos World wide and also get WWE RAW Videos millions Views and Subscribers on your YouTube Channel in Few Days,so in this post We will Tell You Complete and Easy Way To remove WWE RAW  videos Copyright Claim.

Require Tools

How To Remove Copyright and How To use These Tools

Follow these Some Steps

  1. With Screen Recorder Record WWE RAW Video Which you Want and Save it in your Computer
  2. Convert this video in Mp3 File
  3. Now Use Voice changer and Changer This Mp3 Audio in any voice
  4. Now open Video editor Camtasia Studio 8
  5. 1st Give and Good background, 2nd give any Video Frame 
  6. Hide all Logos and Captions  From Video
  7. Do Separate Video and Video Sound , and Delete Old  Video Sound
  8. Give New Sound which is Converted in Voice Changer
  9. Give your logo and any intro if you want.
  10. now Save it and Upload it on YouTube
  11. Successful Monetized and Enjoy 
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Remove Copyright Claim From WWE RAW Videos Urdu and Hindi

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