Sunday, November 27, 2016

what is Google Slide and How To Use Google Slide?

How to Use Google Slide?

how To Create Free Google Slide?

how to download Google Slide?

Hi Friends!
Today we tell you all about Google Slide what is Google Slide ? how to Create Google Slide online?
What is Google Slide?
Google Slide is a online Free Presentation editor in the Google Docs & Drive Productivity suite like power point these are presented in a linear fashion,where Google slides appear in order.
if affords real time collaboration between editors as well as different options for sharing the presentations.Because Presentations are in the Google Cloud & associated with G-Mail Account (Google Account) users & owners of Google Slides can access them at any PC without having to carry arround  Flash Drive.Google Slides have numbers of animations,you can embed your Slides in HTML

How To Use Google Slides?

Google Slide is very easy to use. it is User Friendly.
Follow these Some Steps.
  1. Open Google Slides Home Screen Click Here For Google Slides
  2. in the Top left side , under Start New Presentation Tab Click on New + this will create & open your new presentation Slide.
  3. you can edit / format text, images or videos in presentation easily
  4. you can download Android App from Google App Store
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what is Google Slide and How To Use Google Slide in Urdu / Hindi

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