Sunday, November 27, 2016

How To Earn 11 BTC from Bitsplan 2 in 27 days?

What is Bitsplan2 and how to earn from  Bitsplane 2?

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Today we share with you how to earn 11 BTC in 27 Days Easily from is easy and good matrix System you can earn easily 10 BTC from Bitsplan2

What is

bitsplan2 is online donation exchange platform where user / members voluntarily give donations & receive donations on Monthly.this Bitsplan 2 is a member to member direct funding & donation sharing platform. Bitsplan 2 brings forth a new way of raising funds fro various causes. Whether it is for professional needs / host of worthy causes, such as colleges, Clubs and non-profit organizations.

How Does this System Work?

when a member join this system (Bitsplan 2) this member join a community of like minded members who are interested in donating funds to each other. this  joined member get the opportunity to willing donate monthly to his up line ( who invited this member in Bitsplan) and this member in turn can get willing donations from people which this member invite to become member.

what is different Between Bitsplan 1 and Bitsplan 2?

  1. Bitsplan 1 is big system where you need 81 members on level 4 and invest of level one is 0.005 btc (3$) and you can earn 82 bitcoins easily.
  2. Bitsplan 2 is small and simple system where you need only 27 members on level 3 and invest of level one is 0.03 BTC (22$) and you can earn up to 10 BTC.
  3. Bitsplan 2 and 1 bother  works worldwide you can join this company easily from whole world you need a internet connection for joining.

how to Send and Receive Donations?

you need a Block chain account for Send and receive Donations
click this link and join Block chain today free.

Expiry of Bitsplan 2 Accounts

if you don't upgrade your account 5 hours your account will expired and delete from Bitsplan 2 your level one will expire in 30 days you can upgrade your level in next  level 2 and your level 2 is for 45 days and level is for 60 days.

how to join this System?

click below Join now Button. and go to signup page and join this amazing System.


  1. They have failed to confirm my 0.03BTC deposit, instead they deleted my account several times. Support emails bouncing back! Cant upgrade! Hence, my BTC gone!!!! #SCAM


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