Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bio graphy of Gwen Ifill American News Reporter

Bio graphy of Gwen Ifill

Gwen Ifill was great Journalist and television news Correspondent Gwen Ifill was 1 of the most famouse and Sucessfull Female African - American New Reporter of all Time.

Distiguished Journalist Gwen Ifill was the most famouse and successful female African American News reporter of all time, having worked for the  washington Post, The New York Times, NBC & PBS. She Moderated 2 vice Presidential Debates & Received fifteen honorary degrees. Gwen Ifill died of cancer on 14-11-2016 at the age sixty one.

Gwen Ifill Pfofile

Journalist, television new reporter / correspondent Gwen Ifill was 29 sep 1955 in New York. The Daughter of a minister, she had strong religious upbringing. Gwen Ifill went to simmmons college in Bosten whare Gwen Ifill majored in communications & through an internship got her 1st hands on experience as a news reporter / jounalist.

After Graduation ( 1977) Gwen Ifill went to work for the Boston Herald American as a News Reporter.She began to focus more on Politics with her position at Baltimores Evening sun.
After Stints at such Prestigious Publications as the Washington Post & the News New York Times. Gwen Ifill switched to television news reporting when she joined NBC News in 1994 as a congressional Correspondent. Besides Her Work as an on air news reporter,Gwen Ifill appeared as a guest on several policat Programs, Such as Meet Press & Washington Week.

Gwen Ifill died of cancer on 14 Nov 2016 She was at the age of 61. Gwen Ifill was a standard bearer of courage, Fairness & integrity in an industry going through Seismic change.

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